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At a glance

Qatar is home to the world’s leading international air cargo carrier (Qatar Airways Cargo), the ‘World’s Best Airline’ (Qatar Airways), the ‘2nd Best Airport in the World’ (Hamad International Airport) and the region’s 8th largest port (Hamad Port), all contributing to the very geostrategic location Qatar holds- a country at the inflection point – between East and West, between Africa, Asia and Europe. 

The state’s significant investment in the sector is reflected by the size of the transportation market valued at around $9.9 billion, and the momentous journey of transformation that has managed to place Qatar as the region’s 2nd best country for efficient logistics services.

World’s Best

Airline and top ranked Airport globally

Qatar Airways ranked the Best in the World, and Hamad International Airport ranked 2nd by the most recent Skytrax ratings

$9.9 billion

Transportation and storage activities

$9.9 billion transportation and storage contribution to Qatar’s GDP as of 2022 brings a wealth of opportunities including investments


Largest port capacity in the world

State-of-the-art port with the 5th largest capacity globally


for logistics performance

Qatar is 2nd in the region for efficient logistics performance

What's happening


HIA expansion

The expansion of HIA consists of Phase A and B. Phase A of the current expansion will comprise of the central concourse linking concourses D and E. Construction commenced in early 2020 and will increase the airport’s capacity to more than 53 million passengers annually by 2022. Phase B, which will be completed after 2022, will extend concourses D and E to further enhance the airport’s capacity to more than 60 million passengers annually.

The expansion plan also includes 11,720 sqm of landscaped retail and F&B space, which will enhance the multi-dimensional offerings of the five-star airport by integrating world-class art collection and refreshing environment of lush greenery with contemporary retail and dining concepts among other leisure attractions and facilities under one expansive terminal.

HIA’s expansion project features a spectacular 10,000 sqm indoor tropical garden in a central concourse as well as a 268 sqm water feature which is the focal point of the expansion project.


Buses electrification project

The Ministry of Transport and Communications will transition 25% of the public transit bus fleet in Qatar to electric. Public buses, government school buses and Doha Metro feeder buses will gradually shift to electrification, thus hitting the roll-out percentage that is required to reduce harmful carbon emissions from buses by 2030, in addition to honouring the concerted efforts that aim to maintain the environmental sustainability. Moreover, Qatar secured the Guinness World Record for the largest electric bus depot in the world as part of its ambitious EV targets to support green mobility. 

Qatar’s commitment to clean energy solutions for transportation in the world and supporting the determination to host an exceptional, eco-friendly, carbon-neutral event was evident in the use of electric buses making the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar the first championship where electric mass transit buses were deployed. 

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Phase 2 of Doha metro

Expected to be completed by 2026, the second phase of the railway project will involve the expansion of phase one lines. An Additional Blue Line with 72 stations will be constructed to serve both the capital and suburbs in all major locations for the easy access and convenience of the public.
Once completed, the metro will also be connected to neighboring countries creating the first fully integrated rail system. Once completed, Qatar Rail’s metro will be the region’s most comfortable, reliable and safest railway system.

Logistics-Doha -Metro

Trading Hub

Global supply chains, warehousing, and logistics are currently undergoing major changes, creating valuable opportunities. Several trends including digital transformation, need for more manpower, international trade shift and consolidation are reshaping the sector. As part of the transformation in the GCC warehousing and logistics market, Qatar’s major initiatives including easier access to capital and strong tech infrastructure, hold great promise for foreign investors.


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