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The professional services sector has experienced significant growth due to increasing local economic activity and Qatar’s expanding global presence, contributing $6 billion to Qatar’s economy in 2022. The professional services sector an emerging sector due to the rapid expansion of other industries and domains that utilise professional services in their operations, including legal, consulting, accounting, advertising, and IT. The sector is further experiencing a demand surge because of a significant growth in the legal sector since 2017, driven by the increased need for cross-border regulatory expertise. Despite the challenges the sector faces worldwide, the professional services sector in Qatar remains lucrative due to the country’s appealing and sustainable workforce. 

$6 billion

Market contribution

to Qatar’s economy in 2022


Sector contribution GDP

in 2022

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QFC services

The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) is an onshore business and financial centre located in Doha. It was established to create a world class legal and business environment to enhance growth and diversification. It also contributes to Qatar National Vision 2030 for building a knowledge-based economy for the benefit of current and future generations.
The QFC offers domestic and international firms the opportunity to establish and provide a broad range of services, regulated and non-regulated, under a legal and regulatory regime that meets international best practice.
The QFC provides an attractive platform and a transparent and flexible environment for firms to operate successfully in Qatar and the region.


Coworking spaces in Qatar

Doha is actively developing a thriving ecosystem for technology companies, bolstered by the emergence of numerous coworking spaces and incubators that cater to the needs of its innovative youth seeking conducive work environments. Coworking has seamlessly integrated into the lives of countless talented individuals, providing them with an avenue to transform their aspirations into tangible realities.




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