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Media is rapidly developing in Qatar with the State’s support to large broadcasting projects and its hosting of some of the region’s biggest and well regarded media and telecommunications businesses. Qatar’s connectivity to the world, easy access to a talent pool from world class universities, diverse population and languages, and an internet penetration higher than the global average is evidence of the factors that is helping rapidly build its media sector.

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reached worldwide through Al Jazeera media network


of Qatar’s population

are social media users as of 2022

What's happening


Media City

Media City Qatar was established by Amiri Decree No. (13) issued in 2019 to drive the growth and development of the media industry in the country and become an international hub for businesses, organisations and entrepreneurs with a focus on traditional and digital media, technology, communications, research and development.
Media City Qatar is an emerging global home of media driving the growth of the sector and leveraging on the existing powerhouses of media in Qatar such as Al Jazeera and BeIN networks. Media City aims to develop media activities in Qatar and establish an interactive platform for international firms to operate in Qatar and broadcast to the world.


MyNU-Q Northwestern University Media Production Facilities

Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q), is a modern media school that opened in Qatar in 2008. It offers undergraduate education in journalism and communication with a strong liberal arts foundation. Northwestern’s programs are ranked as some of the best in the world and prepare the students to become leaders in the global media industry as executives, journalists, producers, directors, editors, and much more.

Media-Al Jazeera-Institute

Al Jazeera Media Institute

In February 2004, Aljazeera Media Institute was launched as a knowledge and training center that combines practice and experience with theoretical and applied knowledge in a range of training courses covering various disciplines in the communication field.
The Institute aims to promote the media industry in the Arab as well as international world in cooperation with a group of international institutions to deliver training content with high standards.

Media-Al Jazeera-Institute
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Gaming and eSports opportunities

Qatar is primed for the development of a gaming and eSports cluster with its advanced ICT infrastructure and young population, with whom gaming and eSports has become a leading form of entertainment. Qatar is the first country to deploy 5G, with a 99.7% world record of internet penetration- reflecting the great strides the country has undertaken as a forerunner in global digitalisation initiatives. Moreover, tangible opportunities exist for gaming companies to develop interactive experiences linked to major sports events in Doha such as the FIFA World Cup 2022 and Asian Games 2030. Locally, opportunities exist to build an eSports ecosystem leveraging links and partnerships between national champions and major sports franchises.

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Qatar Media ecosystem

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