Message from CEO


Sheikh Ali Alwaleed Al-Thani

Chief Executive Officer,
Investment Promotion Agency Qatar

In today’s globalised economy, businesses are always on the lookout for new avenues to fulfil their potential, extend their reach, and accelerate their growth.

With its clear vision for the future, prosperous economy, and carefully cultivated relations with the wider world, Qatar offers investors an unparalleled business climate to support such bold ambitions and execute their long-term goals.

Qatar has mobilised its resources to give rise to a knowledge-based economy. The collective impact of these efforts is reflected by several rankings and figures that position the nation as one of the most economically stable and prosperous.

Qatar is witnessing considerable, steady growth in every sector, fueled by a rigorous diversification agenda, a vibrant environment for innovation, and a business-friendly ecosystem, characterised by its special economic zones, labour laws, increased foreign ownership limits, low unemployment rate, high level of overall productivity, as well as a high GDP per capita and low consumer price inflation.

However, Qatar’s success is evidenced by more than just the economic measures of development. It is a centre for Islamic and Arabic heritage, as well as a modern-day leader in sports and media. The nation is building a cultural hub that is equally attractive to investors, expats, and visitors. And, with unparalleled connectivity, enabled through next-generation infrastructure and the world’s best airline, it is easy to access, as well.

Qatar is being transformed into a second home for international companies and investors alike. From facilities in ownership, a competitive tax system, and world-class infrastructure, to a multicultural talent pool, global reach and an exceptional lifestyle, Qatar’s forward-thinking government has spared no effort to position the nation as the ultimate investment destination in the region.

The Investment Promotion Agency is your access to Qatar. As a single and complete source for investment solutions, we help connect you to the right people, resources, and platforms throughout the investment process. We partner closely with you to identify and expand opportunities, facilitate your long-term success, and enable your business in Qatar’s market and beyond.

Welcome to Qatar, where your progress is our shared goal.