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Qatar’s agricultural sector has expanded in recent years due to increased food demand as a result of rapid population growth and government-backed initiatives, which aim to enhance food security in the country. Such factors contributed to the expansion of the agricultural sector, which has witnessed remarkable developments, such as the introduction of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) law, one-stop-shop distribution channels, and financial support to further encourage local production. Despite Qatar’s dry climate, the country has been extensively adopting and utilising sustainable and smart technologies, including automated irrigation systems, hydroponics, and aquaponics, to enhance the quality and quantity of fruits and vegetables.

Regional leader

In GFSI ranking

Ranked as regional leader in the Global Food Security Index (GFSI)


In fresh poultry and dairy

100% self-sufficiency in fresh poultry and dairy


In the GCC

1st in the GCC in the Global Food Security Index (GFSI) 2021


To host the horticulture expo

1st to host the horticulture expo in MENA

What's happening



WadiWater is an innovative Agri-tech company that specialises in the production of mineral water from air humidity. It recently signed an MOU with IPA Qatar that will enable the company to provide innovative technologies to the agriculture industry in Qatar in order to produce high quality irrigation solutions while reducing water waste. Prior to the creation of this project, WadiWater had been distributing and testing atmospheric water generators in Qatar for several years and was looking for areas for applying this technology with maximum benefits for both the environment and the people of Qatar.

Mahaseel for marketing and agri-services

Mahaseel for marketing and agri-services

Established in 2018, Mahaseel for Marketing and Agri-Services is a private company fully owned by Hassad Food. Its mandate is to support productivity advancements and enhancements of local agricultural production, in order to strengthen the country’s self-sufficiency efforts. The company will support the private sector, by marketing local farmers’ produce, as well as provide several other required agriculture related services.

Mahaseel for marketing and agri-services

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