Licensing Platforms


At its core, Invest Qatar leverages an integrated ecosystem of business and licensing platforms that partner with investors throughout their journey from exploration to start-up, in a way that is tailored to their unique goals and ambitions.

Below is a brief introduction of the various business and licensing platforms in Qatar and how each helps
investors establish or expand their presence in the region.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI):

In partnership with the private sector, the MOCI continues to develop Qatar’s diversified economic landscape within a competitive business environment that attracts investments, supports exports, and safeguards competition while protecting consumer rights.

MOCI supports investors in all sectors and offers up to 100% foreign ownership. Upon incorporation, businesses can also enjoy a 10% corporate tax on foreign shareholder profit and a 5% withholding tax. Certain sectors may also receive exemptions.

The Ministry provides a Single Window service that offers investors a unified and integrated electronic platform to streamline approval and licensing procedures for company establishment through a single smart electronic interface that grants them access to the services of 18 government agencies.

Qatar Financial Centre (QFC):

Through a world-class commercial, legal, and regulatory framework, the QFC aims to transform Doha into a leading global financial and commercial capital. Since its establishment in 2005, the onshore business platform has been supporting investors across a variety of financial and non-financial sectors that include digital, sports, and professional services, among others (see Appendix B for a full list of permitted activities).

The QFC offers a streamlined set-up infrastructure with up to 100% foreign ownership, a 10% corporate tax rate on locally sourced profits, 100% repatriation of profits with no withholding tax, and no minimum capital requirements.

The QFC also serves as a one-stop-shop for licensing, commercial registration, immigration, and related services. The platform allows firms to do business in Qatar and springboard into connecting markets.

Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA):

Founded in 2018 to develop and oversee Qatar’s world-class free zones, QFZA delivers long-term solutions for businesses seeking to expand globally including state-of-the-art infrastructure and unparalleled connectivity, backed by a commitment to sustainability and ease of doing business.

Investors at QFZA can take advantage of full foreign ownership, zero customs on imports, 20 years of corporate tax holidays, and potential access to a $3 Billion government-backed fund dedicated to promoting growth.

Companies set up at QFZA span a myriad of business activities including logistics, chemicals, maritime and emerging technologies (see Appendix B for a full list of focus sectors).

Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP):

QSTP was established in 1995 as an international hub for applied research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The Park links early research with commercialization, manages intellectual property assets, and engages in active network relationships in various domains such as energy, environment, healthcare, and ICT (see Appendix B for an expanded list of activities).

In addition to 100% foreign ownership, QSTP offers corporate tax exemption, import duty tax exemption, as well as potential fee waivers, rent discounts, and space customization. Funding is also available for product development and tech ventures.