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Our story

Invest Qatar is the national brand that showcases Qatar as an exceptional investment destination, connecting international investors to lucrative business opportunities that support their long-term success, while bringing progress to the country’s economic development and diversification goals across sectors and geographies. At its core, Invest Qatar leverages an integrated ecosystem of business and licensing platforms that partner with investors throughout their journey, from exploration and setup to expansion, in a way that is tailored to their unique goals and ambitions.

As a custodian of the Invest Qatar brand, the Investment Promotion Agency Qatar (IPA Qatar) was launched in July 2019 to smooth the way for investors’ journeys to business success in Qatar, while transforming and diversifying one of the world’s most prosperous economies. The Agency acts as a gateway to all investment solutions in Qatar, with a focus on advancing ambitious investors’ goals and accelerating their growth, in line with the nation’s FDI roadmap and economic development goals. While opening the door to opportunities in all fields and disciplines, IPA Qatar actively pursues targeted, sector-specific investment promotion agendas.

How we help you

We provide you with all the needed information to build your competitive analysis, sector specific information, and insights about investment opportunities and tenders.

Information provision


We facilitate introductions between investors and government entities, key players in the Qatari market, and different stakeholders.

Introductions facilitation


We help you find the best partner that matches your business needs.

Partners connection


We connect you with trusted business service providers and assist you in specific requests.

Business service assistance


We assist you in setting up your business, supporting you throughout your journey and we connect you with the right licensing platforms and government authorities.

Business setup support


With its clear vision for the future, prosperous economy, and carefully cultivated relations with the wider world, Qatar offers investors an unparalleled business climate to support bold ambitions and to execute their long-term goals.

Sheikh Ali Alwaleed Al-Thani
Chief Executive Officer, Investment Promotion Agency Qatar