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Qatar’s licensing platforms represent regulatory environments where businesses can incorporate and operate, they include:

Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI)

In Qatar, you can incorporate any of the following legal entities: a limited liability company; a limited liability company owned by one person; a limited liability partnership; a joint liability company; a public joint stock company; and a private joint stock company. To streamline the registration process for you, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) has developed a new system to process investment applications through the online submission of required forms.

Qatar Financial Centre (QFC)

QFC is one of the world’s leading and fastest growing onshore business and financial centres, endeavouring to promote Qatar as an attractive business destination. QFC provides its own legal, regulatory, tax and business infrastructure, offering favourable conditions including related to ownership requirements, profit repatriation, corporate taxation, legal jurisdiction based on English common law, and dispute resolution.

Qatar Free Zone Authority (QFZA)

QFZA develops and regulates world-class free zones in Qatar, delivering long-term solutions for businesses while supporting Qatar’s continued growth and diversification. Qatar’s free zones provide an ideal platform for companies to expand across the region and world. As an authority, we are also focused on raising awareness of Qatar as a great place to live and work.

Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP)

QSTP was established in 1995 as an international hub for applied research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The Park links early research with commercialization, manages intellectual property assets, and engages in active network relationships in various domains such as energy, environment, healthcare, and ICT. In addition to 100% foreign ownership, as well as potential fee waivers, rent discounts, and space customization. Funding is also available for product development and tech ventures.

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