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by Mr Jean-Marc Riegel, General Manager Pivot

Pivot is helping corporates gain a competitive advantage with the help of a unique business model based on the savings we generate for our clients.  Licensed by QFC to provide corporate advisory services — particularly in cost optimisation — Pivot LLC is the exclusive representative for Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) services in Qatar and started operations in January 2021.

We chose Qatar for our Corporate Advisory Services headquarters for many reasons, including regulations following the highest international standards; ease of conducting business, competitive fiscal environment particularly for cross-border activities, a local pool of professional talents; and global connectivity both digital and physical. Above all, we concluded that our ambitions aligned perfectly with Qatar’s National Vision 2030 to become an advanced society capable of sustaining its development and providing a high standard of living for its people.

Our operations in Qatar began in a small office with just a few employees. Since then, the workforce has grown, with our offices moving to Lusail in January 2022. With the help of our local partner Yousef Al Aali and long-term resident Jean-Marc Riegel, we began reaching out to companies in different sectors. We partnered with FishEye Consulting and Al Sulaiti Law firm to offer companies operational, financial, organisational, strategic, and legal services.

In November, we jointly organised a conference — “Sustain Your Business” — with our partners FishEye Consulting, and Al Sulaiti Law Firm. The conference discussed the uncertainty faced by companies because of global trends such as economic and environmental shifts, evolving customer behaviour and growing digitalisation. The post-World Cup future for which local companies need to prepare and revisit their strategies was a major topic of discussion. Our joint initiative became official when Pivot became the exclusive representative for FishEye consultancy services in January 2022.

Together with our partners we have developed a White Paper on the manufacturing industry in Qatar. The White Paper analyses the industries in Qatar and the challenges companies are facing.

Pivot aims to expand its services to encompass all aspects of corporate advisory with its partnership with FishEye consulting, which specialises in Strategy and Management, to deliver the new “Sustain Your Business” services. Pivot became a member of the Qatar British Business Forum and an approved third-party firm for Qatar Development Bank in January 2022.

Fisheye Consulting

Fisheye Consulting was founded in Belgium in 2017 by Xavier Jopart a seasoned management consultant with deep expertise across various sectors in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Fisheye Consulting assists businesses to maintain growth, profitability, sustainability, and relevance in today’s challenging environment. 


About ERA

Expense Reduction Analysts is a global cost management and optimisation consultancy with dedicated specialists all over the world, including Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East.

Founded by Fred Marfleet, ERA was established in the UK in 1992. ERA Qatar is an exclusive service of PIVOT LLC in the State of Qatar.

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