Why Qatar


Qatar is an independent country that stretches 100km across and 200km into the Arabian Gulf, with a 563km coastline. The peninsula is located at the heart of the Middle East region, enjoying year-round sunshine and mild winters.

Home to a 2.7 million population that represents a diverse diaspora of nationalities, Qatar is a vibrant mix of Arabian hospitality, Islamic culture, and modern urban life.

The peninsula state gained its independence from British Rule in 1971 and has since risen to be a major economic player, regionally, and globally. Qatar is renowned for its world-leading oil and gas reserves, the high GDP per capita, strong digital connectivity, and global media presence.

Since His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani became the Emir in 2013, the country has further accelerated its nationwide infrastructure development and the modernization of its healthcare and education systems, as part of the Qatar National Vision 2030. Today, Qatar is widely recognized as one of the most advanced Arab countries, with an increasing diplomatic influence worldwide.

The nation has received investment grades of (AA- and Ae3) ratings with a stable outlook from international rating agencies Fitch, S&P, and Moody’s – on par with Belgium and above economies such as China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. Qatar’s fiscal strength and dollar-pegged currency stability further instil international confidence in its growing economy.




Safest Country Globally.



Richest Country Globally.


Entrepreneurship in the Arab World.



In 5G Leadership Index in the World.



Government Efficiency Globally.



Most attractive Country for Talent in the world.

Qatar is constantly expanding opportunities for progressive businesses looking to establish their presence in, or extend their reach to, Qatar and the GCC. We pride ourselves on having the most enabling, conducive, and friendly economic and business environment in the region. When you invest in Qatar, you shall enjoy:

  • Part-ownership in Qatar Shareholding Companies

  • Ownership of certain resort properties and residential units

  • Exemption from income tax for 10 years and no quantitative quotas on imports

  • No quantitative quotas on imports and no customs duties on machinery and equipment

  • No restrictions on money exchange and transfer of profits abroad

  • Ability to transfer ownership to any other investor or a Qatari partner in case of joint ventures

  • No export duties or taxes on corporate profits for pre-determined periods

  • World-class Infrastructure and global connectivity via air and sea connections

  • Multicultural Talent Pool and liberal laws for the import of skilled and unskilled labor

  • Exceptional Lifestyle

  • And many more…